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Update [Back Again!]

Hey guys,

I’m finally back on here! I’ve been rather quiet recently, both on this site and on the¬†Facebook¬†page, largely due to the fact I’ve been addicted to Twitter!

Got a load of cool followers, so I’ve been busy on that front.

As for the other side of the coin, about a month ago, I managed to get an acoustic support slot for the WWE show at the LG arena. Which is the second amazing gig I’ve been given at that venue. I absolutely adore playing there!

Still trying to find a concrete live band, switched over to not having a drummer again now. [I know, really frustrating] If you know anyone, feel free to give them a push in my direction.

Anyway, I hope you’re all ok.




Missing Guitar (FWD)

‘Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, one of the best musicians in hard rock and nicest guys out there, has become the victim of serious theft. A custom-made seven-string Paul Reed Smith [PRS] Amber Burst guitar was stolen from Mushok. The crime allegedly took place in Little Rock, AR at River Fest 2012 at The Clinton Presidential Center last night, Friday May 25, 2012.

The guitar is very close to Mushok’s heart as it’s one of only two in existence, and it’s a crucial element of the band’s current live show.

Mike is only requesting the guitar be returned. If found please contact

He needs your help so if you have any information. Once again, please immediately email

Rick Florino

I Find the situation most horrifying, and if I have anyone on here with info, Email Mike!

Thanks guys :)


Long time no update 2

Hey everyone, how’s it all going?

thought I’d give you an update, seeing as its been like, forever..

had the showcase a couple weeks back, gonna slam the pictures below;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So yeah, it was all good, I hope everyones alright, gonna start updating this alot more now again, I’ll leave you with a great song by the way.



So, played the Rammstein show the other day. It all went well, apart from a couple of things ;P,

there will be pictures that I’ll throw up on here when i get access to them!

Hope you checked out the track on the post below, Any comments or thoughts? :)

Anyway, I’ll just get back to my none busy schedule.. I hope you’re all ok


Long time, no update

Right, got alot of news for you all.. So I’ll get started straight away!..

I’m supporting Rammstein, at the LG arena, Birmingham later tonight. (Hense the reason I haven’t updated this for a long time.

The debut single will be hitting itunes this week, partially down to the fact that alot of the traffic this site will see is because of the above gig! (I still love you all more though ;P)

but, because I’m nice and thought you all diserved some content, below is one of the songs off of the single; Animal! I Hope you enjoy it, and you’re all ok.


Better late than never!

Been busy this weekend, forgot too do the song of the week, so I’ve added a quick one for this week..

Quite an old track, but i’ve got too say, a few years back, I absolutely loved this album!

I hope you’re all alright :)


(Late) Update + Song of the Week

Whoops, totally forgot about my song of the week for this week, been really busy with the show I did on wednesday, i have acoustic recordings of two songs ready for you, and they have video aswell! They will be up on youtube ASAP!..

Also, the debut single should be up on itunes very soon!…

Right, song of the week this week is!

There’s no real single section I like with this track, I’ve just always loved TDG, and Adam Gontier’s voice, on this track, is supreme as always.

Anyway, I hope you’re all ok :)



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